Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my timeless period - part II

it has been 3 days.. the operation related matters has finally arised.. i have to prolong my stay here.. i am homesick.. no it's not homesick.. i guess i miss my parents.. i miss their existance.. at home means with parents.. without them, home feels like homeless..

i miss boyfren too.. my dad left his car for me to drive around here.. but i keep on wrongly taking the signal as the wiper or the other way around.. and i must say, i am trying hard to hide myself from being seen driving my dad's car from my colleagues.. let's just take it as me and the car is so not right in a picture frame..

i miss being online at home with my personal lappy..

i miss my wardrobe..

i miss my camera..

i miss my mom's food.. i have not eaten well since monday.. i missed breakfast and lunch, yet i have to be on-the-go all the time for the users.. my brain must stay alert all day long.. my body must be fit and energetic all day long..

i'm tired..

i'm restless..


despite all that, i love the wheather here especially at night.. i'm sleeping on my queen-sized bed with my favourite pillow in a very cold wheather.. natural air-cond.. even the fan running at the lowest speed, it's enough to make me shiver without the blanket covered!

i love the traffic from home to the office.. no congestion of course! i do get lost though, since the roads here are tricky.. and yes, this is my hometown, but it doesn't mean i come here everyday! i'm familiar with just some parts of the town, which are mostly outside the center.. hehehh -_-"

i love the scenery along the trip from home to the office.. the sun, the sky, the clouds, the hills, the mountains, the trees.. they are all beautiful.. makes me feel worth to leave the sin city for days.. makes me feel comfortable.. makes me feel how great it is being home.. makes me feel even stronger to find a way to be posted here..

yes, i do want to live here.. back to my hometown.. that's what i strongly feel now.. but at the moment, i just have to go with the flow first.. when the right time comes, i will be back ^___^

~writing this entry offline on 8/12/10

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