Wednesday, December 29, 2010

updating - part I

i am updating my picture collection on the pages in this blog.. and since i never introduce the pages before, i think i would like to do it now.. hehe..

usually, i will categorized my collection according to themes.. i have 11 categories of my personal collections, but i will only share 5 categories in this blog.. if you ever view my collection in photobucket (which i will update a bit laaaaater since i focus on updating here first.. hehe), i only put 3 categories.. because i compress some themes to be one..

  • Nature - anything related to flowers, trees, plants
  • Landscape - anything related to sceneries
  • Building - anything related to building
  • Object - any object that become the subject

My Treasures is mostly about my personal things or belongings that i admire/adore/love in my life, that i want to share in this blog.. so i don't consider this as a category.. hehe..

i have added a new page too! People page is a collection of pictures of people around me.. most of them, of course, are my friends.. but my favourite subject for people is kids! for me, their gazes and smiles are the most sincere and look the best in pictures!

ok that would be all.. i will upload more while watching the big match tonight.. hehe..

feel free to view all the pages ok!  ^__^

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