Thursday, December 30, 2010

malaysia dan piala suzuki AFF 2010 - part II

fuuuhhhh at last! the tension has gone.. the winner has been announced.. and i am smiling even in my sleep! :D

congratulations to Harimau Malaya.. if not because of your hard work and tough spirits, we will not able to bring back the cup for the first time.. if not because of you guys, we will not have a Public Holiday tomorrow.. yaayyy!!!

hey wait, i AM holidaying! i am supposed to have 1 balance annual leave right? right right right??? T______T


congratulations once again guys!!! you are definitely our heroes.... mmmuuuuaaaahhhh *lovelovelove*

i really hope our football team will improve and develop to be better.. this is not the time for them to feel relief and rest, but actually, this is the turning point for them to work harder to put the team among the world's greatest.. once you are a champion, everyone will have eyes on you..

to be a number one is a hard work, but to maintain is another harder job.. the tension and pressures will definitely be a total different..

guys, if you keep this kind of momentum, yes we all malaysians will support you, even if you lose.. as long as you give your best, we will walk the road with you..

/(-*-)\ ~praying

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