Monday, January 3, 2011

dear all, happy 2011!!!

sangat mencabar for the starter of working days in 2011.. berlawan dengan perasaan diri yang asyik gloomy.. tambah pulak hujan di tengahari.. perfect! T____T

to make it worse, the email which i was supposed to send this morning was actually unsent due to the big file attached.. and i over looked it!!! i realised it was unsent when the clock showed 3.00pm.. memang dah selamat segala carutan keluar.. demmit!

despite the unproductive day, i received some good news and some nice compliments, received some goodies from an officemate who went to singapore for a holiday, lepaking (and gossiping hahahha) with my dearie buddy for two hours over lunch time and i saw the face i miss the most *winkwink* .. and i spoiled myself with shopping!! hahahaha... the best remedy for a gloomy day (alasan je nih :-P)

while waiting for the the clock turned 5.30pm, i read bila bintang bicara's blog.. tried to catch up with all the entries i missed.. and she simply made my day.. her combination of words has touched my heart and made me smile.. she writes beautifully and i somehow feel so close to her.. i pray for her to be a great writer one day.. ^__^

i love CikShidaDariParit!!! i love how she shot the videos of her miming songs, and she is hilarious!!! she will put on funny make-ups and dress up for the videos.. i followed her on her FB as well but she does not approve me yet.. so i just i can read the status but not able to comment T_______T

one of the status was about her received a phone call from Dato' CT.. telling her that it was true about her request for Cik Shida to make a video for her.. betapa ramai orang yang kutuk dia, yang hina dia, sekarang lihatlah siapa dia sekarang.. viewers pun dah tahap ribuan dah.. sampai penyanyi no 1 Malaysia pun salah seorang peminat dia..

and lastly, sharing with you my friend's blog.. she sells some good stuff there so don't forget to check it out k! one tips before clicking the link; ignore the header picture.. just go straight to the entries :-P

~wishing you all having a great life ahead  ^_____^


bintangbicara said...

You made my day, my week, even. Terima kasih banyak, stranger.


whitelilies island said...

hey, thanks for stopping by dear.. looking forward for your next entries! ^___^