Sunday, January 30, 2011

a tension that caused the hair short

it's frustrating when only we who really work hard to achieve the goal of the project but the other parties don't.. i attended a workshop which i found a very good way to improve the business.. but it has become somewhat non-beneficial due to the absence of the other party's rep..

it was an important workshop.. it was a high level brainstorming meeting.. yet, i was there like a dumb..

to attend it is already created a pressure to me.. and to be in such situation really got me into a breaking point..

thus, on the way back home, i stopped by to the salon and cut my hair short..

like real short.

i was this close to tell the hairdresser to shave my head bald.


two days of nothing except observing, i took some pictures of the place where the workshop was held.. it was lovely and convenient enough for a brainstorming meeting.. although, yeah, i still think they can just actually done it at the HQ.. :-\

and plus, the food was horrible!! they should change the caterer right away!!!

just using my camera phone, guys, i give you PICC..... (hehehhh poyossssss :-D )

~i kinda like short hair now.. it makes me look 10 years younger! ahahahaha ^_-


uetoAya said...

sygnya rambut ko..dhla panjang

whitelilies island said...

xpe nnt pjg blk :)