Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BORING! (please read in bold)

maybe i was thinking like this because i started to get boring with my life routine..

no, it's not about the job! i love my job.. the challenges drive me towards excellency.. my bosses acknowledge me.. i have no problem with spilling out my own piece of mind (and thank God they listen! ahahaha).. i have good rapport with the rest of my teams.. my relationship with my officemates is great..

i am more grateful living with my family now.. so i don't hate so much traveling to work everyday like i used to.. my great friends are with me.. friends who are near with me are making me livelier with their jokes and laughter, stories and gossips, shoulders to cry on and hearts full of love.. friends who are far from me are still remember and care about me.. i reach out my hand and they take it with hugs and kisses and big smiles..

i get rid those bastards men out of my life and now i am more peaceful than ever! i even feel closer to God now...

everything is great! everything is in place!

and that is the root cause of the problem statement as i stated earlier...

when everything is fine, i get bored...

i need something else that can challenge me.. challenge my brain to be specific.. something out of work.. something totally different than i ever done or am doing..

or perhaps..................i should get married?


ok now let's get serious.. i am still thinking, whether to just go for it or seek for some consultations.. while i'm on it, i might not speak much since i'm a silence thinker.. so maybe next entries will rather be boring or meaningless or pictures related or .................... well................... none?


ok la ok la.. i'll go to sleep now before i go crazy here.. hehh..

wish me luck! ^_-

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