Tuesday, January 25, 2011

curiosity kills....... err, me?

despite of getting older years by years, i am still undecided on what i would really love to do in life in a long term period..

i am a person who have many interests in different, various fields.. yeah, my curiosity level is insane..

i always want to learn more and more about things that i love.. like my current passion is photography..

but at the same time, i would also want to learn something else like music, management, health, history, writing, psychology, mechanical, interior design, woodwork, business and the list goes on and on and on...

if i do all, i'm afraid i would end up "knowledge in many, expert in nothing"..

and i'm not like Dr Reid, who is genius enough to learn and be expert in different, various fields.. T___T

maybe that was why i barely accomplish anything that can be proud of.. not even my previous studies..

i need to be in a place where it can support my divergence.. a place that can support and fulfill my curiosity.. i want all questions in my head to be answered..

more questions will emerge after all the questions answered, yes i know.. but i am willing to take the risk..

~agak2nya la kan, lama2 aku boleh jadi gila tak? ahahahahha T_____T

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