Sunday, January 23, 2011

hiking at broga

date: 20/1/11
venue: broga hill, semenyih
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sempena hari thaipusam last thursday, we went hiking at broga hill.. it was carried forward since the day was a public holiday.. kalau ikutkan planning asal, nak pergi hari sabtu, which means semalam la..

~di kaki bukit, parking lot.. but this is not where we parked our cars~

~yes, we walked a loooonnggg way to reached the bottom of the hill~

ingatkan kami je yang plan macam tu, rupa2nya ada beratus orang lain lagi plan macam kami ni.. apa lagi, terpaksa la parking jauh.. nak naik ke atas jam, nak turun pun jam! ehehhe... takpe la, dah nasib kan.. at least dah pernah merasa ;-P

~yes, it was this pack.. but this was only at the 1st 3 peaks~

~despite the jammed trail, those hikers did not stop to reach the top! (i really really need to get a wider range lense!! T___T )~

~and it did not stop children from hiking as well, like this kid ^_^ ~

~we reached the first peak right after the sunrise.. see the reflection of the sun! sweeeet~

~it was like a different world.. perfect place to shoot ^_^V ~

 ~or perhaps being shot? -_-" ~

~it's ok.. i shot other unknown people as well.. hehehhe~

~my other friends made it to the 2nd peak.. orang ramai sangat nak naik ke 1st peak so diorang patah balik and we rejoined at the 3rd peak.. aku just sampai kat 3rd peak je sebab gayat!! hehhee~

~owh, i found the swing yang dr sheikh muzaffar and wife shot their pre-wedding pictures.. orang ramai sangat sibuk nak tangkap gambar kat sini~

it was a good trip.. penat tapi memang berbaloi la but since orang ramai sangat, tak dapat nak feel duduk kat atas bukit tu.. repeat? well........ maybe..........................not.


ok la ok la.. maybe not in the short time k.. hehe ;-P

~to view more pictures, you can go here, here and here.
~~the next day, we were shocked to know a hiker was injured.. tak bertembung pun dengan dia masa naik or turun hari tu..

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