Thursday, January 20, 2011

another round!

i have another round of cuti paksaan in one week time.. err i should say the first round for this year la kot.. hehh

i totally forgot about it, really.. ya la, baru je nak speed up momentum suddenly kena paksa cuti pulak kan.. and i was like, what should i do this time?

hmm.. no plan..

all i can say is perhaps continue my long term projects, or else go shopping.. since the mood is already on and i found some great places to shop, it would not be that hard.. hahhaha

women with shopping.. is like, unbreakable bond.. YEAHH!!!


~keinginan mencipta satu harapan
kabur dek kecelaruan perasaan
seakan takut mengharung pusingan yang sama
yang mana pengakhirannya serasakan amat lazim

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