Monday, February 21, 2011

mushy2 with Personal Taste

adoii.. i don't know for how long this mushy2 feelings will stay this time..

watching Personal Taste seriously makes me flying without wings.. the story is romantically sweeeeettt... and the songs are great too!! *lovelovelove*

the story makes me want to stick in front of the laptop and watch it until it ends.. if i stop in the middle to do something else, my head is just keep thinking about it.. keep on wondering what will happen next.. and after finished watching it, the sweet scenes keep playing in my mind and makes me flyyyyyyyy..


and now i am one of Lee Min Ho's millions fans.. hehehehe ^_-

sharing with you the great songs from the drama:

~somehow.......his poker face that i miss the most.


akainkin said...

hehehe deman korea gak.. welcome to my club & nuna liza

whitelilies island said...

uuhh aku xleh layan sgt beb.. kang x jd wat menda lain dok ngadap cite korea je.. pastu dok syok berangan sorg2.. ehehehe