Sunday, March 6, 2011

celebrate abah's bday with great food!

date: 28/2/11
venue: subang jaya

to celebrate my dad's birthday, i thought of bringing my family to murni discovery but it was closed.. we found this restaurant; chinese muslim food paradise (dekat je dengan murni tu) and thought to give it a try.. and i was glad it was worth it!

we ordered meal for 4 to 6 persons but i think they cooked extra for us sebab banyak sangat kuantitinya! my family is big-eaters, so bayangkan la semua orang pun dah kenyang sampai tak boleh nak ratah habis semua makanan! and the food is, my goodness, delicious indeed!

~lamb, kailan & cucumber~

~lamb (again), beef & chicken~

~fish soup~

~my plate!~

~they give this dessert for free! but i don't remember its name -_-" ~

~strawberry marshmallow cheesecake from Secret Recipe~

~happy birthday abah!~

~eating the birthday cake while waiting for the meal~

~this is the only picture of the restaurant.. i was so busy eating until i forgot to snap some pictures of the restaurant -_-" ~

the restaurant was also ever featured in JJCM so memang terbukti la restoran ni best and worth to try, great food with affordable price.. memang berbaloi! *thumbsup*

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