Monday, March 7, 2011

the priceless moment

date: 22/2/11
venue: kuantan, pahang

after i finished my work here, i stopped by at the river before heading back to KL.. i was in a rush to reach KL before midnight but my heart really eager to stop and take a view here.. and i'm glad i did ^__^

the truth is, i never walk around this place before.. i just ever passed through this city to go to teluk cempedak.. i remember the evening, it was cloudy and windy.. and i always feel calm instantly whenever the wind touches my face ^___^

~see? my boyfren pun seronok lepak2 tepi sungai pahang ^__^ ~

it was a brief moment but enough to stick on my brain until today.. 

the serenity...........priceless.

~if you notice, i have upgraded! (^__^)V

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