Monday, March 7, 2011

running around KL for explorace!

date: 26/2/11
venue: golden triangle, KL

i participated in 1 Malaysia KL Heritage Explorace with my friends.. i never thought it was tough so i didn't prepare before the day.. thus resulted legs cramped! demmit.. 1st time in history la.. malu i taww~~ ehehehe..

one team consisted of 2 participants.. there were 12 check points with different marks and different tasks, and we were given time from 10am until 3pm to finish the game.. the winner counted by the marks collected, not by speed, and must finished the game by 3pm.. i didn't know the correct tactic to play the game so we finished late..

lesson learned.. if there is next time, i am positive enough to win at least the consolation prize.. hahahhaha! owh, that also include the preparation before the game ^__-

all participants must be on feet to go from one check point to another.. we must finished the task to receive clues for next check points.. penat weehh.. bayangkan dari Menara KL pergi ke Muzium Telekom, ke Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, ke Bangunan Dayabumi, ke Dataran Merdeka, ke Bangunan DBKL, ke Jalan TAR, ke Matic and back to Menara KL.. ada some check point  yang aku tak ingat kat mana sebab tempat tu memang aku tak familiar langsung! nasib baik partner aku agak familiar jalan2 kat KL tu.. hang memang best la dila.. heehehe..

this is the first time Menara KL to held such game.. i heard they will do it again next year considering the warm welcome from malaysians.. so i hope they will improve and make it more interesting! ^___^

~lining up for registration~

~the starting and finishing point~

~studying the rules & regulations.. beria study hahhaha!~

~Milo & Red Bull; some of the sponsors~


~the opening show~

~some of the check points.. i could not snap pictures at all the check point la.. busy taww.. i only could snap some while waiting for my turn to do the task~

~the winners~

~the winners for celebrity and media category~

we didn't wait for the award ceremony to finish (ye la dah kalah kann T___T ), we went out to snap pictures around Menara KL..

~at the entrance of the traditional houses~

~jambatan gantung.. laluan ke traditional houses~

~one of the traditional house (i forgot which house is it!)~

~paksa juga diorang pose walaupun penat.. hehehe~

~i have NO idea WTH is this!~

serius badan sangat penat especially kaki aku sebab cramp.. nasib baik krim panas yang doktor bagi tu sangat berkesan.. lepas 2 hari dah lega dah.. aku kena legakan cepat sebab kena jadi photographer for my department's event next week nya (nanti aku upload gambar2 event tu pulak k).. 2 hari berturut2 pulak tu event nya kan.. nasib baik ubat tu betul2 mujarab.. itu pun aku berpantang seminggu tak pakai heels.. hehe..

kalau betul next year ada lagi game ni, jom join ramai2 k! (^___^)b

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