Wednesday, July 6, 2011

welcoming edwin van der sar in town yeaahh!!!

yes i am a MU fan.. a fan since i know english premier league.. so basically since i know football la hehe.. and that was when i just very little.. i was influenced by my dad.. he is also a fan (a big one!) so dia yang ajar aku about football and make me realise how awesome MU is..

no offence to other clubs' fans ya.. hehehehe ^___-

so when Edwin Van Der Sar came to malaysia and had a meet-the-fans session at menara TM, of course la aku takkan lepaskan peluaaaannngggg.. dah la dia dah bersara and this is the last tour dia sebagai MU player kan.. sah2 la aku macam orang gila kat situ tengok dia macam mata bersinar2 rasa macam mimpi je..

~thanks to my friend ain for taking this picture.. pengalaman seumur hidup kot.. entah bila nak jumpa uncle edwin lagi~

~i only manage to get him signed on my MU-TM lanyard ~

still lagi rasa unbelievable.. still lagi rasa macam mimpi.. lalalalalala~~~~

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