Tuesday, December 27, 2011

welcoming 2012

i am fully ready to welcome 2012!!!

sebenarnya azam tahun baru dah aku jalankan pun sempena maal hijrah baru2 ni.. kiranya ketidaksabaran aku untuk masuk ke tahun 2012 hanya kerana aku nak terus berusaha merencana apa yang telah dirancang.. semoga Allah izinkan segalanya berjalan dengan lancar...

in 2012, i am expecting more adventures to come.. more money to save.. more investment to make.. more reading materials to read.. more knowledge to seek, learn and understand.. i am also thinking of trying to do some new stuff.. there are a few listed already.. it's just that whether i am going to go for it or just leave it on the list.. that of course, depending on my determination and motivation.. muahahahhahaa...

alright.. i'm aaalllll set!!!

are you ready kids?

ay'ai capten!


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