Friday, December 23, 2011

the words i wish to say to you

i wish i can make you see the way i see the world now..
i wish i can make you understand why i left..
that world guarantees everything fun but temporarily..
it is like the sea..
the deeper you go, the harder to get to the surface..

yes i miss you..
and i know you do too..
but i need to find something permanent..
something that can give me serenity..
only serenity can keep me sane..
only sanity can make me human.

~if there is a name for this relationship, i have named it long ago...


kueh bakar said...

why you go deeper then..if u know its harder to get to the surface...

it is a miss not serenity?

btol tak english aku ni.haha.hentam..

whitelilies island said...

hahahahha :D