Friday, January 20, 2012


after a long thinking, i suddenly realized i actually have found my dream guy...

err no, supposedly i must say guys since they are not in one piece.. and that's the problem; not in one piece!

to my surprise, i just realized it last night before i fell asleep.. hahaha.. dah nak tidur pun sibuk berpikir2 kan..

puncanya adalah aku dok sibuk fikir dalam ramai2 lelaki i have met and dated, which one is the one that got away?

jawapannya adalah no one.

they all have the qualities that i want in a man.. but there are some issues about them which made me decided to leave.. and the issues are mostly related to their lifestyles.. it was hard but i knew it was for my own good..

and i never regret any of my decisions.. i know it was the right thing to do..

sakit tetap sakit.. but i also believe time will heal the pain and it does!

tiba2 rasa bersyukur.. at least i have the reason to find another.. to find my in-one-piece dream guy.. hehe..

ok now i am ready for the quest!

off we go!

~JJCJ = jalan-jalan cari jodoh.. hikhikhik ^_____-

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