Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a visit to toy museum

date: 19/6/11
venue: Toy Museum, Penang

i was excited to visit this museum since i can take pictures of them! hehe.. but pity my friends who came along sebab tunggu lama gila sampai aku puas tangkap gambar.. erkk..

get ready guys.. this going to be a very looooonnnnngggggg post.. *grinning*

 ~lilo & stitch~

 ~the incredibles~

 ~mr. bean~

 ~capten jack sparrow from pirates of the carribean *lovelovelove*~

 ~ultraman! ~

 ~lara croft from tomb rider~


~my favourite disney; aladdin!! ~

~teenage mutant ninja turtles!! ~

~and they even have the golden collection!! ~



~totemo dai suki.. doraemon... kawaii neeh~

~my no.1 superhero; batman!! i'm in love with him since the first time i knew him even until now!! *lovelovelove*~

~star wars~

~monster inc~

~Po from Kungfu Panda~

~Mickey Mouse and friends~

~Toy Story~

~shark tale~



~xena the warrior princess.. dulu tak pernah miss tengok cerita ni kat tv.. admire gila kat dia.. huhu~

~snoopy dog~

~looney tunes~

~the silver surfer from fantastic 4~



~popeye the sailorman toot toooottt!! ~

~the simpsons~

~rugrats!! i love theeeeeemmmm~



~spiderman!! ~

~power rangers merah~

~the matrix!! my favourite movie~

~wolverine!!! i love him as much as i love batman.. he has my heart since the first time i knew him until now *lovelovelove* ~


~ghost rider~


~dragon ball~


~fantastic 4~


~the rock band kiss~

~suria perkasa hitam~

~wonder woman~

~elvis presley~

~agent 47 from hitman~

~my favourite wrestler; the undertaker!! ~

~indiana jones~

~chun li from the street fighters.. and she's not the one with the almost-popped-out breasts~

the legendary chucky~

~ryuk the shinigami from death note~

~freddy krueger from a nightmare on elm street~

~jason voorhees from friday the 13th~



there you go.. if you're a fan of characters figurines it is recommended to visit this museum.. there are many other dolls/figurines here which i did not take pictures of.. but i think they are not really well kept since i found some of the cupboards are full of dust! and some of the dolls sudah tunggang terbalik jua..

sayang sayang~~


kueh bakar said...

ada juga mezium cenggini ye..

upin ipin ada?

paling murah aku rasa patung terminator yang injured tu..yang macam tak siap tu..hahahaha

whitelilies island said...

haah kan.. ko perasan ek patung tu mcm tak siap kan.. aku igt dia mmg camtu.. hahahaha

upin ipin takde laa.. dia blm beli lg kot..

private museum ni.. selain dia beli sndri ada yg org bg.. msia full of surprises ;P