Monday, March 26, 2012

out of average

my height is about 163cm..

i always imagine my ideal life partner include someone taller than me.. i prefer him to be at least 168cm.. the taller the better..

however, average men in malaysia has the height of 164.7cm according to this website..

i was like, WHAAATTT???

then i checked the website again, the post was last updated in 2008.. the figure might have improved in at least 2011 right?


i tried to search around the internet the latest measurement but i could not find it anywhere.. if you know, please share with me.. i would LOVE to find out more.. many of the website i found also published the same figure but the year updated was like 2-3 years ago..

no wonder la tiap kali ronda2 pekan asal jumpa mamat kiut or hensem mesti pendek tak berapa nak tinggi.. rupanya memang bukan salah diorang la kan.. dah memang diorang tergolong dalam average height ek..

salah aku yang tinggi kot.. walaupun kalau ikutkan aku ni takde la tinggi mana..

so what choice do i have? p obersi carik laki???


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