Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Amazing Mr. Spidey

baru je tengok The Amazing Spiderman semalam..

mula2 memang tak paham.. i was like, "gwen who?" sepanjang tayangan.. bahahahha

so now after tanya pakcik gugel, baru tau banyak version (panggil version ke pun? ehehh) cerita spiderman ni.. sebab tu la tajuk dia pun The Amazing Spiderman.. they got another one called Ultimate Spiderman (as far as i know la)..

baru tau jugak MJ is not Peter Parker's first love.. ingatkan PP was a nerd who had only loved one girl; MJ for the rest of his life..   PP was in relationship with Betty Brant before in love with Gwen Stacy.. now i know PP was quite a popular guy because of his genius in physics and the good pictures he took..

i never read the comics.. i know all the superheros from the animation movies/series that i watched on tv.. sadly, cerita kartun spiderman bukanlah the one yang i really fell for.. so takde la hardcore sangat minat mr spidey nih..

unlike batman and x-men, they are my ultimate superheros V(^__^)V

uuurrmm well.. kalau nak tengok movie ni, i guess, you have to forget everything from Spiderman Trilogy.. and if you follow the comics, you have to accept they have changed the story line quite much, as they always do :-DD

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kueh bakar said...

spidey tak best..muka jambu.ahaks