Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the change, the journey and the goal

day third - the last day.

the training today is more about re-capping of what we have learned from day one, and concentrate more on transformation or in other word; change..

(1) we need to change in order to adapt new changes around us.. otherwise, we will going to be left behind.. we also need to change in order to achieve our goals.. however, changing is not something easy to do.. yes, to change is difficult, sometimes painful, but it is needed in life..

thus, we need to identify the goal and make sure we see the benefits clearly.. this will help to increase the determination in ourselves.. plus, we should also talk about the change more frequent.. find someone who are close to us, which can support us to change.. the more we get the support, the more comfortable and confident we will be about the change..

change is about one's mental transformation.. important elements in our lives such as family, friends, education, religion and so on can be our mental transformation tools.. we need to figure out how these elements can help us towards mental transformation..

changes are about choices, priorities and action plans.. after setting the goal, list down our strengths and weaknesses, and think how we can use the strengths to achieve the goal.. and also, how we need to change to overcome the weakness, so that the weakness will not be a barrier for us to achieve the goal..

remember, sustaining a change is more crucial than the importance of embracing it.. and please bare in mind, we have laws and rules.. so don't do something illegal or break the rules in the process of changing, ok? ^___^

(2) it is ok to feel jealous, angry, grudge, in love with the wrong people etc to another person (both close and not close people).. what important is how we control our emotion, whether we want to make it bigger or otherwise..

(3) we cannot tell others who they should or should not be, because they have feelings.. they all have different self esteem with one another.. what we actually should do is to help them identify whether they have the quality to do/become it or not..

(4) our brain triggers our mind to bring out our potentials.. this is where the subconscious mind play the role.. we should use it so that our mind will believe it.. when our mind believe it, it will become reality.. like i wrote in the previous entry, point #3..

i am not a genius, thus i always admired people who are genius like dr reid in criminal minds.. yeah i know he's not real, he's just a character.. but still, i admire him soo much.. thus from now on, i will tell myself "I AM A GENIUS" everyday.. hopefully one day it will become a reality.. ameen..

(5) how we see life is depend on our attitude.. if we decide to see the world is mean and unfair to us, then we will find the world is nothing but a bad place to live.. however, if we decide to see the world is beautiful, then we will find the beauty of the world in every aspect.. so let's live a positive attitude, shall we? ^___-

(6) being fanatic about something is fine since it is human nature.. if there is no such people, we will lose many precious things about the world.. let say, if there is no one is fanatic about environment, imagine how many flora and fauna is extinct now.. so, don't ever condemn these kind of people ok? btw, we also have something that we are fanatic about right?

(7) everyone's definition of success is different.. getting a promotion at work might be a success to us but not to others.. thus, we must identify what we want to achieve in life and set the goal.. if we achieve the goal, we are success, but ONLY in our own definition.. so, stop comparing our success with others'..

in the nutshell, the training has really help me to really think about taking the first step to change.. i cannot be someone who always hesitate to start anymore.. afraid of something that is not even happen yet.. a lot of things to do, a lot of things to think.. but one thing i know for sure, by doing all these, i will enjoy my life and live life to the fullest! remember, what matter the most is the journey towards the goal.. b(^__^)d

~will be out of town for a while soon.. but everything is still unpack!! *fainted*

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