Tuesday, March 22, 2011

how to be happy?

day two:

we always wonder how to be happy in life.. err if not you, then yes, at least i do.. i always wonder what is happiness? how to be happy? am i happy?

(1) set the goal

the trainer explained, one way to be happy is, to set a goal (or goals) in your life (no matter what it relates to) and head towards the direction.. this will make us happy.. it will also make us a positive person.. to achieve the goal or not, is another story.. what matter the most is the journey..

in order to set the goal, we have to think deeply.. ask ourselves what do we actually want in this world.. wait! do not answer immediately.. take time to figure out the answer.. we should always take time for ourselves to stay in focus.. sit down, reflect and think (muhasabah diri).. the best gift for us is to give time to ourselves..

(2) be responsible on our actions

we are in control of our current action.. but we will never be in control of our previous action.. thus, whatever action/choices we take in our lives, we must feel comfortable with it.. if our current action/choices have been influenced/forced by others and we are not comfortable with it, we cannot be happy..

(3) we are who we think we are

everything about us is in our mind.. if we think as who we are, our actions/behaviour will act that way.. so we need to change the way we think about ourselves.. stop thinking the negatives and start thinking the positives.. let say, if we always think we are ugly, start thinking we are beautiful.. think we are beautiful everyday until we believe it.. when we believe we are beautiful, we will see the difference.. see how amazing your face glows..

(4) love ourselves first before we love others

in order to love ourselves, we need to know ourselves first.. do not concentrate just on the weakness.. think and figure out our strength as well.. because if we cannot identify our strengths and weaknesses, we cannot figure out how to achieve our goal(s)..

we must also need to constantly find the new discovery about ourselves.. we can get help from people who are close to us and ask them to give their feedbacks..

i guess those are all, the summary of the training today.. i hope you find this beneficial.. to understand more, of course you need to attend such training/seminar or read books and do some researches.. but i hope this will at least help you to guide your way to the happiness you seek..

till we meet again.

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