Monday, December 31, 2012

another year gone by

ada orang tanya aku tadi, apa aku punya azam tahun baru?

i answered, "more travelling".. and that was the first thing came on my mind.. simply sincerely, truly and precisely.. hahaha..

i think i am on the right track.. so i am carrying forward whatever i am doing right now.. plus some patches for improvement of course.. for me, selagi belum tercapai, aku akan usahakan juga sampai dapat.. no matter how many years it will take..

i was guilty for killing my own dreams.. i will not regret the decision because what is more important right now is my effort in realising them.. i will not let go again..

bagaikan cerita sang burung yang mahu menolong nabi ibrahim tatkala namrud membakar baginda hidup2.. burung tersebut berulang alik dari lautan membawa air dengan paruhnya yang kecil untuk memadam api.. bila ditempelak oleh satu suara yang menyatakan perbuatan itu suatu yang sia2, burung itu menjawab; "memadam api itu bukan kerjaku, itu kerja Tuhan.. tugasku hanya cuba membantu nabi Allah, supaya aku tidak dipersoalkan kelak"

very inspiring isn't it?

aku akan terus cuba menikmati nikmat hidup yang Allah berikan.. live life to the fullest.. live life like i will die tomorrow..

happy 2013! may we all have a great life ahead ^__^

owh before i end this post, i want to give a big thanks to my dear friends faradel and kak yaya for these bday presents which came a week after my bday.. hence the pictures were not included in the previous post..

 ~aku memang mencari buku ni sebenarnya and to receive it as a bday present has made me screamed in excitement! rasa terharu sangat!~

~my precious.. another set to add the collection.. and definitely my style!~

it is oh-so-ohsem living with oh-so-ohsem people who make my life oh-so-ohsem.. i am truly blessed! ^__^


Uncle Lee said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading your interesting thoughts.
Yes, our life today is not a dress rehearsal, we only get to play one round.
So live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets.

Have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.

whitelilies island said...

thanks for dropping by uncle lee :)