Monday, December 17, 2012

the date they claimed as beautiful

semua orang dok sibuk perkatakan pasal 12/12/12 minggu lepas.. how special the date was..

well for me, 12/12 no matter what year is always special for me because........

i was born on this beautiful date, 29 years ago!!!

yep, i'm a proud 29 now.. can't wait to get 30 next year weehuuuu!!

alhamdulillah, Allah has given me the chance to live up until today.. to experience a birthday on such a beautiful date..

thanks so much for those who had wished.. really appreciate it.. muchas gracias!

~from my sister, nurul.. masa ni kitorang celebrate kat flaming steamboat jalan bukit kemuning.. the food was not that fresh hence no pictures of the food.. please go somewhere else~

~a surprise bday cake from my teammates.. turkish indulgence from secret recipe.. terharu betul masa ni.. huhu~

~bday present from zai.. awesome betul bagi aku scrap kit nih! still searching some inspiration on what exactly i wanna do with it~

~bday present from abah.. ada pasport holder!! memang awesome! ni macam green light untuk aku travel lebih jauh ni.. ekeke~

~yang ni hadiah dari spa yang selalu aku pergi.. sepatutnya aku kena pick a number to get the prize tapi sempena bday aku, diorang bagi another prize without having to draw any number.. puas hati sebab hadiah yang ni lagi besar dari hadiah lucky draw.. hahaha~

i have some travel plans in my pocket for next year.. apparently so as my parents.. they have another plan for their lives which like it or not, will have a major impact on mine as well..

i really hope their plan will be postponed until i am very much ready for it..

nonetheless, i am excited to enter 2013!!! lalalala....... :-DD

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